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    24, don't kill the game
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  5. Here's the link to my low-end SA, decided to bring it back on the new forums as well since I just downloaded it myself and people have been asking for it. Password: www.revolution-gamingz.com https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6di8_o-lUOySkJnZ3FSd2MyT1k Note: You need 7-Zip to extract the package. I've lost the self-extracting EXE package apparently, thanks to the NBI I guess.
  6. John's bullet trace

    You might have an outdated version of CLEO or SAMPFUNCS. Also try to remove some mods that creates visuals one by one, I also had this issue at first due to another mod.
  7. John's bullet trace

    Found the download link I'v putted the file into the SAMPFUNCS folder and I do "/btrack" and it says BulletTrack by Gabriel : ON but doesn't show the tracker of my shots.
  8. John's bullet trace

    If anyone got hes bullet tracer mod please share it here i'v lost it and I need a link to it. @John Thanks in advanced.
  9. Global Wipe

    There is already some progress about the projected global wipe. Compensations are in discussion progress at moment. Please stay tuned for more information. Discussions between developers and senior staff members are going on, once we reach specific conclusion we will inform everyone the status of wipeout and all the consequences for it. All refunds are hereby suspended until further notice. No houses and money losses will be refunded as there will be a global money wipeout with the new update.
  10. Hello. As you all know, the server's economy was completely broken by bug abusers and cheaters some months back, leading to every player having hundreds of millions and even uncountable amounts of money. This has led to mass purchasing of every single property, especially the most expensive ones (1B, highest possible value). Now since the money bug has been fixed, we only have one option here; complete wipe of the economy. Of course everyone will be refunded a fair amount of money, conveniently based on their kills. It's not determined yet how much players will be refunded by a kill, but I see this as the best option to ensure everyone a fair play regarding their activity on the server. The management will be deciding the amount of refund per kill within this month (April), and the wipe is estimated to happen by May 31st. Everyone is advice'd to take screenshots of owned properties and stats as a precaution. Suggestions regarding this may be posted in the "Suggestions & Feedback" board.
  11. Discord Server

    Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/V8GkjKf
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    PUBG: zombie486 Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/zombie486
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  17. High PL, I need help

    It's due to the low PL setting... Since we have weapon-config it doesn't really give you any advantage over others...
  18. High PL, I need help

    This server lags almost for everyone. It's not related to mods.
  19. High PL, I need help

    Even without any mods it stills kicks me for high PL.
  20. High PL, I need help

    I don't know if its the server's anti cheat or something is wrong in my game, But on other servers it doesn't do it for me, https://imgur.com/a/4WcWt, This got 3 photos one of my cleo file, one of my gta folder, and one that shows that I got High PL @John Video taken from the mods
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  23. Hi, This is not a suggestion and it is basically a request to change server sided default configuration values which gets altered every time we either reset the server or restart it through the console. Set the default limit of these values FPS Limit: 10 Ping Limit: 800 Packet Loss Limit: 15 (this is mostly for players who have packet loss spikes.)
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  25. Promotions and Demotions

    Promotions and Demotions March 22nd 2018 Radekboy has been re-assigned to General Administrator. (Level 3) As he is one of the ex RG staff members he has been re-assigned to this rank. [eVo]Truth has been removed from RG staff (level 2 rank) for failure to reply on activity check and verification. Note: You can contact me and give the reason for your prolonged inactivity and get your rank back.
  26. Administrator Applications 2017-18 Instructions and Guidelines for Administrator Applications 1. You must have good communication skills in English. 2. You must not be banned while making the application otherwise your application will be denied. 3.You must have at least 45 days of gaming experience on the server. 4. You must have good activity on forums. 5. You must have at least 100 hours of game time on the server. 6. You must not be community banned on any of your alternate or main accounts. 7. You must not be below the age of 12 as this is a duty which requires responsibility and hence we prefer to keep somewhat mature players in the staff that can understand and follow the guidelines laid down by the community leaders. 8. You must fill out all fields. Option fields are exemptions. 9. All Banned users can only create the application once they are unbanned. 10. If a user is banned during the application processing the application will be denied or put on hold depending upon the reason of ban and the opinion of staff members. Methods of judging your application Every administrator application is judged on the basis of some benchmarks we have set which are necessary to become a part of our staff. I will mention a few of them here: -Your admin application: Your admin application must include proper answers of the questions with good use of language. Every admin must be able to communicate properly in English. If he is not capable to communicate he will not be a successful admin. -Your records on the server: By records I mean the no. of times you have been warned for breaking the rules or some remarks(good/bad) given to you by the admins. Your records includes your day to day gameplay, behavior, regards for the rules and guidelines of the server. (We do not count kills, ratio and skills of DM'ing while recruiting a player to the administration.)During this time we will also look out for our ban logs which keep past records of all bans as well as unban requests made by you. Every negative remark decreases the chances of becoming a part of the staff while every positive remark like, good behavior, good language (communication skills), respect for the rules and helpfulness towards your fellow community members. -Comments by admins: As per the above benchmarks administrators will comment on your administrator application and judge you if you are worthy to be a part of the staff. Note: Read this before applying! 1) Please follow the rules and guidelines given in this topic before applying. 2) You cannot edit your application once you have submitted your application so take your time to make it nice and clean. 3) Asking an administrator regarding your application and its process will result in instant denial of the application. 4) Applicants who have applied on old forums or made an application without using this format (till date) can re-apply using the form given below. Older applications are already under processing and will be considered but if you would like to add more content and make it easy for the staff. 5) If you have any doubts you can post below. 6) The administrator application system created by John is now no longer valid and hereby discarded. 7) You can find the administrator application link on the widget block on right side on the portal, forum main menu bar and the main link is given below You can now make your application here: Administrator Application Form
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