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  1. Last week
  2. 0fucks

    name the banning admin please?
  3. 0fucks

    banned acc: cs.Kenny when? :idc why?: litefoot.cs ,the problem is the admin checked my Whole PC , and he said that i've used hacks,and he didnt show 1proof,and i am not guilty,but ok fuck it just unban me , i need the acc
  4. IG name change

    When the moderator doesn't want to change an name..
  5. IG name change

    I just wanna a name change I don't want a refund omg...
  6. IG name change

    wtf is your problem
  7. Earlier
  8. IG name change

    Sure homie , we are not responsible for any stats loss and don't bother asking for a refund if you faced any problem..
  9. IG name change

    There's no reason for Stats
  10. IG name change

    it's name change req not refund req no need for stats only IG name
  11. IG name change

    Why the fuck i need your stats? if you lost anything dont try to pm or refund app or nothing else then. Accepted!
  12. /myspawn for house owners

    1 Banana why not
  13. IG name change

    Your ingame name:Shayan_X_Turner Your new ingame:[gLo]Shayan SS of you stats: why tf u need my stats
  14. Your name: cs.John Your Suggestion: /myspawn for all players who own a house. It's pretty dumb to have only for VIPs as it's pretty normal to be able to spawn in your house as you buy one.
  15. Vehicle stuff

    Your name: cs.John Your Suggestion: There should be a range where players can't park their vehicle (to stop players from filling spawns with million cars) and shouldn't we just have a limit lets say, 3 cars per player and a command to buy a vehicle? (Maybe at the used cars store?)
  16. Change name

    Denied! Use the form format
  17. IG name change

    Denied! re-apply with the form format.
  18. Your ingame name: Your new ingame: SS of you stats:
  19. IG name change

    Let admins do it...
  20. IG name change

    Shayan_X_Turner to [gLo]Shayan
  21. High PL, I need help

    I've set the limit higher.
  22. Achievements

    Fixed by Matz. Locked
  23. High PL, I need help

    Whats the current settings for Packet Loss and Ping limits? I am too lazy to go in game but I think John can fix it through some command in game.
  24. Achievements

    Confirm if the issue still persists.
  25. Clan bugs

    John should confirm this from some of his alt accounts I will contact matz for this issue.
  26. Change name

    Hi i want change my name from Salman_Abidi to Salman_That_Pro
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