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    Name: Bituspy Suggestion: Adding /buyvip feature. /buyvip feature is for those players who can afford to buy VIP through RG Coins. Once this is available players will then have the ability to purchase VIP membership level 1 or level 2 at max for a small period of time lets say for one week or ten days. After this server automatically removes the user from the VIP list. Cost of VIP Membership for a week will be around 50 RG Coins a week at least. Note: Before adding this feature we need to revise the structure of VIP system again to make it more valuable.
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    Name: Bituspy Suggestion: This is a very old suggestion. This suggestion mainly focussed on adding a non-admin rank for players who are willing to help us bring this Community up. In this way we can engage many of our regular members willing to help us out. I am looking for suggestions of commands and features which u all think can be beneficial for this rank. All administrator staff will be automatically receive all these new set of commands. Note: We will not give any /warn, /ban, /kick commands to the helpers. Already accepted list of commands: /showrules id- Shows the rules dialog box to the user. Restriction for command 5 minutes on same ID. (We can also consider to remove the rules dialog and add /rules announce for this in case staff suspects misuse for this command. /showsite id- Sends an announce to the user showing website link. Usage limit: 1 minute on same ID. /showforums id- Sends an announce to the user showing forums link. Usage Limit: 1 minute on same ID. /showteamspeak id- Sends an announce showing teamspeak server ip. Usage limit: 1 minute on same ID. /showcommands id- Send list of commands available for users on server. Usage limit 5 minute on same ID. /helpmsg: Can send message to the user as Community helper who is in need of help. /helplist: shows a list of help requests sent by the players. For Public: /help: (msg) Send a message to the Community helpers seeking for their help. /rep id: send rep points to Community Helpers. Can be used once in a few hours only. These reputation points will help the Community helpers to receive rewards from the senior staff members such as getting weekly VIP memberships and also to figure out how much work the helpers have been doing on the server. Requesting more feedback on how we can improve the helper rank by adding more helping and communicating features on the server.