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  1. [VOTE] Bring back Skinshooting

    They should really bring it back bro like come on x2
  2. eVo (Evolution) Clan Application

    In-Game name: OGHammerIn-Game and forum activity (format hours/week): 6 hoursPlaytime In-Game: 64 HRS Age and country of origin: 17, Ecuador I want to be eVo because is a good clan, and i'm a old player.
  3. My Suggestion

    ummmmmmmm... i don't know :v
  4. My Suggestion

    Your in-game name: OGHammer Your suggestion title: Clothes Store Explain how it works: I WOULD A LIKE CLOTHING STORE, LIKE SUBURBAN OR BINCO, I COULD BUY HATS, MASKS AND EVEN BACKPACKS.
  5. Kill Streak Bug

    I killed a guy 5 times, and i never die, i do /stats and my Higuest KillStreak is 0 , why?
  6. [Fixed 3.2.8] Bank Bug

    Well, I'm OGHammer, i have a problem, i deposit money in the bank, (at the game obviously), i deposited $800000, after that my money was reduced , thanks in advance please admins or someone, i don't know what to do.