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  1. Happy Birthday Flames

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it
  2. Server's extreme lag

    The Server is having some extreme lagging and now it became completely unplayable, no ping or packetloss increases, It's the server lagging for everyone, You can join it yourself and see, Hope it gets fixed soon since we are on Hosted tab, Thank you.
  3. elo im back

    Hello, Welcome back mate!
  4. eVo (Evolution) Clan Application

    Apply here : http://theevolution.createaforum.com/
  5. Shop suggestion

    Was about to suggest this to Matz.
  6. Team Limit restrictions

    Support, We should have some balance.
  7. You were accepted as a Trial Moderator ( Level 1 ), contact me when you're in-game to set your rank.
  8. Your In-Game Name: [eVo]Flames Your Administrator Level: Head admin Misc: -
  9. Anti c-bug

    Here's a quick tip: Crouch before shooting