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  1. Count to 1000

    24, don't kill the game
  2. Here's the link to my low-end SA, decided to bring it back on the new forums as well since I just downloaded it myself and people have been asking for it. Password: www.revolution-gamingz.com https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6di8_o-lUOySkJnZ3FSd2MyT1k Note: You need 7-Zip to extract the package. I've lost the self-extracting EXE package apparently, thanks to the NBI I guess.
  3. John's bullet trace

    You might have an outdated version of CLEO or SAMPFUNCS. Also try to remove some mods that creates visuals one by one, I also had this issue at first due to another mod.
  4. Hello. As you all know, the server's economy was completely broken by bug abusers and cheaters some months back, leading to every player having hundreds of millions and even uncountable amounts of money. This has led to mass purchasing of every single property, especially the most expensive ones (1B, highest possible value). Now since the money bug has been fixed, we only have one option here; complete wipe of the economy. Of course everyone will be refunded a fair amount of money, conveniently based on their kills. It's not determined yet how much players will be refunded by a kill, but I see this as the best option to ensure everyone a fair play regarding their activity on the server. The management will be deciding the amount of refund per kill within this month (April), and the wipe is estimated to happen by May 31st. Everyone is advice'd to take screenshots of owned properties and stats as a precaution. Suggestions regarding this may be posted in the "Suggestions & Feedback" board.
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  6. Count to 1000

  7. High PL, I need help

    It's due to the low PL setting... Since we have weapon-config it doesn't really give you any advantage over others...
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  9. Official Clan Cars List

    4 cars, 2 bikes, 1 heli. The monster truck is a private car of a clan member, same goes for my Elegy and NRG which aren't in the pic
  10. Official Clan Cars List

    We have about half of the limitation and it's well enough.
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  12. Community Helper Rank

    I guess this would be nice.
  13. [VOTE] Bring back Skinshooting

    I was already overpowered with skinshit, but in lag shooting I'm fucking godlike and I hate it. New players miss every shot from 2 feet away and eventually quit for good. The only situation where I would support lag shooting is a text based and/or NPC/Actor based tutorial upon registering which explains lag shooting.
  14. /buyvip

    I support this, filthy rich people would have something to spend their trillions on.
  15. /lockcar

    Already exists, /mv