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  1. Name Changes

    Use the correct format.
  2. Application Join CS Clan

    Feel free to challenge us in fights to see your skills.
  3. Happy Birthday John

    Lol missed this badly, thanks
  4. Arena refill

    Refill of 50 HP & 50 AP instead of 100 would be good imo, it does become frustrating when you keep getting raped over and over again. This would bring a good advantage for the already beaten player.
  5. Here's a re-upload of 2 SAMPFUNCS anti-aimbot scripts that were requested. Latest SAMPFUNCS is required. Works for multiple popular silentaim hacks and lock-on aimbot, the aiming triangle is now removed which is used to lock aim on the skin. Silentaim shots are rejected and the user is given a warning in SAMPFUNCS console (check SAMPFUNCS thread(s) for more information) https://files.fm/u/qrshz9uw
  6. coresec weapon pack

    Cool, reall like the fist icon. Here's our Sniper crosshair as well.
  7. RGZ server tutorial

    Nice trailer, feel free to post it around
  8. elo im back

    Glad to see u back, we should have some playtime together this week
  9. Hello

    lol nob
  10. 0fucks

    Considering the length of your ban, you have been unbanned.
  11. 0fucks

    I believe the banning admin was Z0wb0zu, he's been informed and he'll post ASAP. Personally I don't see a reason to keep you banned, but lets wait for z0w's response.
  12. Your name: cs.John Your Suggestion: /myspawn for all players who own a house. It's pretty dumb to have only for VIPs as it's pretty normal to be able to spawn in your house as you buy one.
  13. Vehicle stuff

    Your name: cs.John Your Suggestion: There should be a range where players can't park their vehicle (to stop players from filling spawns with million cars) and shouldn't we just have a limit lets say, 3 cars per player and a command to buy a vehicle? (Maybe at the used cars store?)
  14. High PL, I need help

    I've set the limit higher.
  15. Achievements

    Fixed by Matz. Locked