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  1. Server's extreme lag

    Will be checked.
  2. High PL, I need help

    This server lags almost for everyone. It's not related to mods.
  3. Community Helper Rank

    Showing rules on a player will prevent them controling their character and might cause their death in a combat.
  4. SA-MP Server Updates

    [3.3.1] limited team players to 5 until every other team hit this limit fixed money bugs fixed teleport bugs reduced slots machine output added vortex challenge minigame added citizenship tax based on players' wealth removed LSA stunt map removed minigun from shop applied general optimisations
  5. Property ownership limit

    Current limits are: House: Users 2, VIPs 5 Shop (Money Generating): Users 2, VIPs 5 Business (User Ammunation): Users 0, VIPs 5 I suggest removal of Business system as nobody buy weapon inside those buildings.
  6. My Suggestion

    Feature is available for VIP users
  7. Spawn Suggestion

    All of Mafia members now spawn on ground floor.
  8. Team Limit restrictions

    From now on a team will not exceed 5 members until every other team hit 5 players as well (Excluded VIP team)
  9. Remove the minigun

    Minigun removed.
  10. Shop suggestion

    Shops from now on created with lock value "yes"
  11. Adding a new Textdraw

    Server will display a notice that reads "Important commands: /commands /help /settings /teles /dm" every 5 minutes. Admins also will be able to display any custom notice with /notice. Here's a preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehV8v6Mgjdo
  12. Los Santos Airport Map

    I'd move them if LSA and LVA were facing same direction (one is vertical, one is horizontal). I'll be removing the mappings in LSA.
  13. SA-MP Server Updates

    [3.3.0] vehicles now unlock if owners press F next to them houses can be sold now decreased visiblity range of some icons added rg coin into shop added online clan members interface added informative box added minefarm as a DM added stunt maps applied general optimisations
  14. SA-MP Server Updates

    [3.2.11] added new events and maps prevented players from sending PM whilst their channel is blocked improved dm areas increased actors' respawn time to 5 minutes increased limit of command /hitman to 1 million fixed a bug where owned vehicles set to lock spawn without being locked fixed a bug where shop owners cannot collect collected money changed colour of team VIP to white applied general optimisations
  15. I Need a GTA SA Download.