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  1. High PL, I need help

    I don't know if its the server's anti cheat or something is wrong in my game, But on other servers it doesn't do it for me, https://imgur.com/a/4WcWt, This got 3 photos one of my cleo file, one of my gta folder, and one that shows that I got High PL @John Video taken from the mods
  2. John's bullet trace

    If anyone got hes bullet tracer mod please share it here i'v lost it and I need a link to it. @John Thanks in advanced.
  3. John's bullet trace

    Found the download link I'v putted the file into the SAMPFUNCS folder and I do "/btrack" and it says BulletTrack by Gabriel : ON but doesn't show the tracker of my shots.
  4. High PL, I need help

    Even without any mods it stills kicks me for high PL.
  5. Count to 1000

  6. Remove the minigun

    Yep, I suggest to remove it aswell, the damage is reduced so it doesn't even worth to buy.
  7. Administrator Staff Verification

    Your In-Game Name: [eVo]GaL Your Administrator Level: General Administrator Misc: -
  8. Hey, I need a GTA SA full version download, If you could hand me out urs that will be great Thanks in advanced. @Flames @John