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  1. please reply to my PM radek.

  2. Remove the minigun

    Minigun is OP and buggy. You got my support.
  3. My Suggestions

    Your in-game name: _RADEKB0Y Your suggestion title: Multiple suggestions Explain how it works: - Abillity to respawn / sell each and every personal car yourself with /managehouse and car slot menu (if someone messes the cars up, push them off the cliff) - Abillity to sell each and every house (same as above) - Abillity to spawn inside a captured turf from the spawn interior pickup (only base turfs are not possible) - Make /kill inside a vehicle impossible and make 5 secs cooldown for it - Settings to choose between house, spawn. - Money bag spawn in random zone for you to find it, reward could be 20.000$ or more - Custom Vehicle Bomb - Syncing vehicle detonators to actually kill other players instead of desynced explosion. - Weapon pickups randomly spawning in LS (weapons with some ammo in it, should be less effective than /shop) - Prevent /shop inside interiors that are not designed for it (only enable ammunation) This is just something I wanted to get out of my mind.
  4. RG is the Best