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  1. IG name change

    Let admins do it...
  2. Clan bugs

    Well, everytime I fail to create a clan with that cmd /clan register, after typing that cmd nothing gets popped up. I don't know if owner disabled it if no then it's a typical bug.
  3. High PL, I need help

    It is a common server bug, I have faced it many times and got kicked for high PL too
  4. SA:MP for low-end PCs

    Marvelous work brother, Loved it.
  5. Clan bugs

    @MatzThat should be fixed.
  6. Anti c-bug

    That's what I wanted.
  7. /buyvip

    I agree with John's feedback and Owners should proceed it to let people have fun with VIP colors!
  8. Achievements

    Well, I haven't faced that issue yet.
  9. Hey there, My name is Jarrar. How are you?