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  1. IG name change

    Why the fuck i need your stats? if you lost anything dont try to pm or refund app or nothing else then. Accepted!
  2. Change name

    Denied! Use the form format
  3. IG name change

    Denied! re-apply with the form format.
  4. Your ingame name: Your new ingame: SS of you stats:
  5. Count to 1000

  6. Count to 1000

  7. Count to 1000

  8. Renting a Car

    I think renting a car ain't important cuz every road or block got +6 cars/bikes
  9. Count to 1000

  10. Happy Birthday Anas

    HBD m8
  11. Your In-game Name:[eVo]tcD_ Your Administrator Level: Level 1 (trail) Misc:-
  12. A list of suggestions

    Agree with Superman, +1
  13. I have a application dunno if its accepted or not [Right now am not admin]