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  1. Administrator Applications 2017-18 Instructions and Guidelines for Administrator Applications 1. You must have good communication skills in English. 2. You must not be banned while making the application otherwise your application will be denied. 3.You must have at least 45 days of gaming experience on the server. 4. You must have good activity on forums. 5. You must have at least 100 hours of game time on the server. 6. You must not be community banned on any of your alternate or main accounts. 7. You must not be below the age of 12 as this is a duty which requires responsibility and hence we prefer to keep somewhat mature players in the staff that can understand and follow the guidelines laid down by the community leaders. 8. You must fill out all fields. Option fields are exemptions. 9. All Banned users can only create the application once they are unbanned. 10. If a user is banned during the application processing the application will be denied or put on hold depending upon the reason of ban and the opinion of staff members. Methods of judging your application Every administrator application is judged on the basis of some benchmarks we have set which are necessary to become a part of our staff. I will mention a few of them here: -Your admin application: Your admin application must include proper answers of the questions with good use of language. Every admin must be able to communicate properly in English. If he is not capable to communicate he will not be a successful admin. -Your records on the server: By records I mean the no. of times you have been warned for breaking the rules or some remarks(good/bad) given to you by the admins. Your records includes your day to day gameplay, behavior, regards for the rules and guidelines of the server. (We do not count kills, ratio and skills of DM'ing while recruiting a player to the administration.)During this time we will also look out for our ban logs which keep past records of all bans as well as unban requests made by you. Every negative remark decreases the chances of becoming a part of the staff while every positive remark like, good behavior, good language (communication skills), respect for the rules and helpfulness towards your fellow community members. -Comments by admins: As per the above benchmarks administrators will comment on your administrator application and judge you if you are worthy to be a part of the staff. Note: Read this before applying! 1) Please follow the rules and guidelines given in this topic before applying. 2) You cannot edit your application once you have submitted your application so take your time to make it nice and clean. 3) Asking an administrator regarding your application and its process will result in instant denial of the application. 4) Applicants who have applied on old forums or made an application without using this format (till date) can re-apply using the form given below. Older applications are already under processing and will be considered but if you would like to add more content and make it easy for the staff. 5) If you have any doubts you can post below. 6) The administrator application system created by John is now no longer valid and hereby discarded. 7) You can find the administrator application link on the widget block on right side on the portal, forum main menu bar and the main link is given below You can now make your application here: Administrator Application Form
  2. Spawn Suggestion

    In-Game Name: Bituspy(who cares lol) Suggestion: Mafia spawn interior is on first floor. Requesting matz to bring it on ground floor so it is easier to find the exit door.
  3. Promotions and Demotions All Promotions and Demotions of Administrator Staff will be announced here:- [eVo]Flames has been promoted to Community Leader. (Assistant Community Manager) Anil has been promoted to Head Administrator. (Head of Administrator Staff) All Staff ranks and duties will be further assigned according to their job description. cs.John will be the head of ban appeals and community management.
  4. Forum Rules Punishment 1.Account Based Violations- All offenses based on Account based rules will result in ban from forums and community. 1st violation will result in 3 months ban. 2nd violation will result in 6 months ban. 3rd violation will result in a permanent community ban. 2.Violation of Spam rules- All offenses for spamming and flooding may result in forum infraction(warning) or getting muted(unable to post or send PM's) 1-3 times violating the no spam clause will result in forum infraction. If the user fails to comply he will be either muted or banned for 1 month. (Based on administrator discretion) 3.Violation of Insulting/Disrespecting Rules- Violating the rules laid down for disrespecting, flaming, insulting, etc may result in infractions/forum ban depending on the severity of the offense and administrator discretion. 4.Violation of Impersonation rule- Any user found impersonating another fellow community member, staff member will be banned for 6 months. 5.Violation of forum features, profile fields, Name fields- This will result in forum infraction and the forum moderating staff will remove all the explicit, inappropriate content you have added. 6.Advertising- Violation of no advertisement rule will result in community ban for 6 months. Administrator Discretion- Administrators will stand the right to judge and decide what sort of punishment will be given to the offender in the given situation. If you feel you have been wrongfully warned, muted, banned then you can contact the owner and founder @ akshaygpt24@gmail.com Any queries can be posted below:
  5. Forum Rules

    Forum Rules -Accounts *Do not give authority/access to banned forum members to use your account. *No selling of accounts *Do not give passwords of your account to any memeber/administrator on the server. *You are not permitted to create more than one account on forums -No Spamming Rule *Members are not allowed to Spam on forums by creating multiple topics, PM's, shoutbox spam, etc. *Members are not allowed to Post on topics more than once before next post has been made on it. *Use Modify button at top right corner of your post to edit text. *Members are not allowed to spam Personal Messages on forums. *No flooding of any forum feature. -No Flaming/Disrespecting Rule *No Disrespect of any member on forum. *Members are not allowed to provoke members in any way. *No Flaming/Insulting/Abusing any member on forum. *Do not disrespect any Caste, Culture, Nationality *No Racism *No Hatred or Vulgarity -No Impersonation *No Imersonation of any existing members name. *No Impersonation of administrative staff names. *No Impersonation/False claims of being admin by using inappropriate profile field titles and signatures. -No Inappropriate Names *Members are not allowed to use inappropriate names *No Vulgar/Sexually Explicit Names *No disrespectful Names.(Disrespecting directly, Nationality, Cast or culture) *No Racist Names -No Misuse of Forum Features *No Misuse of Karma, Custom Profile Fields, Shoutbox. *No Misuse of glitches on forums(if any). *No Blank Quoting in posting just to increase the post count. -Advertising *No Advertising of other server IP's. *No Advertising of website/blogs/forums of other servers. *No Advertising of any game servers without the permission of Leadership. *NO Discussion of any SA-MP Server no matter if its dead or alive. -Profile Fields *No inappropriate profile fields. *No illegal/sexually explicit/ disrespectful Signature or Avatars. *No false information. -Forum Content -Any of your topics/posts/account must not contain the contents mentioned below: *No Improper Topic titles and tags. *Linking of Pirated Material, Linking of torrents containing inappropriate or illegal content. *No Explicit Sexual Content, Pornography, Abusive Content, Racist Content. *Posting and Modifcations. *Abusing forum features to modify posts to make it incorrect. *False Quoting. *Ranting is not Permitted on forums. -Miscellaneous *Do NOT send unsolicited support requests to other users or Staff. This includes content that is sexual in nature, solicitation of funds, distribution or request of Donator content, unsolicited advertising of your site or services, as well as support, product, or service requests. *Failure to comply may result in PM and/or account suspensions. *Please do not engage in the trading or exchange of reputation points. *Any content that involves vulnerabilities, compromises their account, or exposes end-users to potentially malicious code is not permitted here. *You may not share VIP Member content with ANY other rank except VIP Members. *You may not distribute, mirror, or otherwise give away subscription content without the express permission of a RG Administrator.re donator content with ANY other rank than donator. *Status updates are not to be used for requesting support, complaining about other users or Staff, or for advertisements of your site, services, or needs.
  6. Hi, As we have our new forums I want you all staff members to mention their current ranks in the post below. Only after you have filled out the application we will assign you the ranks. Use the following format to post