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Found 4 results

  1. Discord Server

    New Discord Server Join Link: https://discord.gg/PAjsCga
  2. SA-MP Server

    IP Address:
  3. TeamSpeak Server

    IP Address: Download Teamspeak client through here: https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads
  4. [3.2.7] scoreboard now shows players' levels instead of kills shops now generate 0.02 percent of their market price players are no longer able to teleport to DM from A/D players are now able to use custom time and weather enter and exits now require neither pressing F button nor command changed AFK place to World of Coq interior increased bank limit from 100 million to 2 billion increased shop price limit from 100 million to 1 billion removed icons of houses for sale as some areas get covered by many of these moved some team spawns into interiors updated command /commands with proper list replaced girl skin in cop team with a female cop fixed a bug where killer in DM sees hp left as 200 always fixed a bug where player spawns in middle of map after quiting A/D fixed a bug where players' hud doesn't display after first death in DM fixed a bug where kill streaker's message wasn't displayed properly fixed a bug where dropped weapons disappear in short time if dropped again fixed a bug where user cannot properly pick titles fixed a bug where turfs never load after several gamemode restarts added gang member actors in each turf thus wars can be declared by killing them added brassknuckles and grenade options into VIP weapon set added a strip club with strippers inside it added toys system for VIP users added informative pickup in businesses added armour pickups inside spawn buildings added internet radios into vehicles added command /settings to adjust various values prevented players advertising ip adresses prevented players typing swear words prevented players avoiding jail by teleporting to DM prevented players doing cbug in gang wars mode prevented some 3D texts being visible through walls applied general optimisations