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Found 10 results

  1. Name: Bituspy Suggestion: This is a very old suggestion. This suggestion mainly focussed on adding a non-admin rank for players who are willing to help us bring this Community up. In this way we can engage many of our regular members willing to help us out. I am looking for suggestions of commands and features which u all think can be beneficial for this rank. All administrator staff will be automatically receive all these new set of commands. Note: We will not give any /warn, /ban, /kick commands to the helpers. Already accepted list of commands: /showrules id- Shows the rules dialog box to the user. Restriction for command 5 minutes on same ID. (We can also consider to remove the rules dialog and add /rules announce for this in case staff suspects misuse for this command. /showsite id- Sends an announce to the user showing website link. Usage limit: 1 minute on same ID. /showforums id- Sends an announce to the user showing forums link. Usage Limit: 1 minute on same ID. /showteamspeak id- Sends an announce showing teamspeak server ip. Usage limit: 1 minute on same ID. /showcommands id- Send list of commands available for users on server. Usage limit 5 minute on same ID. /helpmsg: Can send message to the user as Community helper who is in need of help. /helplist: shows a list of help requests sent by the players. For Public: /help: (msg) Send a message to the Community helpers seeking for their help. /rep id: send rep points to Community Helpers. Can be used once in a few hours only. These reputation points will help the Community helpers to receive rewards from the senior staff members such as getting weekly VIP memberships and also to figure out how much work the helpers have been doing on the server. Requesting more feedback on how we can improve the helper rank by adding more helping and communicating features on the server.
  2. Renting a Car

    Name: Bituspy Suggestion: Hi, Introduction of a new command called /rentcar. This command will allow the user to spawn a vehicle near him. /rentcar command can only be used once every 5 minutes. /rentcar command will allow the user to rent a car from the server which will cost around $8000 for every spawn. /rentcar command follows the rules of /shop system for distance required before you can use it. Vehicle purchased(rented) from this command will self destruct or dissappear after 10 minutes or it will have fuel limitations of some values. (Can be discussed). /rentcar will not be a dynamic vehicle.
  3. Name: Bituspy Suggestion: I am suggesting the vehicle limits for VIP and Normal players. With the growing number of players on the server the vehicles are badly effecting the server. Increased number of vehicles means increase in the lag. For Non-VIP Players: Vehicle Limit: 3. For VIP Players: Vehicle Limit is decided according to the level of VIP purchased. Level 1 VIP: 6 Vehicles Limit Level 2 VIP: 10 vehicles limit Level 3 VIP: 15 vehicles limit. Level 4 VIP(Permanent Member): 20 Vehicles Limit. Restrictions for vehicle parking: No private vehicles can be parked near any spawn. VIP Members with high number of vehicles are also permitted to park only 5 vehicles at one position which do not interfere with the roads, blocking of any spawn point, etc.
  4. Vehicle Shop

    Name: Bituspy Suggestion: Hi, This is a new suggestion and might be disliked on a DM server but I would like to suggest a server sided car park. This car park will support around 200-500 different vehicular categories. Any user who wishes to buy a car can use a teleport called /carlot or /vehicleshop. User can buy one car out of the many spawned vehicles. Vehicle price can be set by Community Leaders or Developers from the carshop. Selling the Car: We can make a list of vehicles which can be sold in this vehicle shop as well. All the vehicles sold will be sold to the server again which means u can change ur vehicle whenever u want. /sellcar on the checkpoint near /vehicleshop will allow you to sell your car. In this way we do not need the Community Leaders to give people vehicles for money and we can have a very transparent system for vehicles.
  5. In Game Name: Bituspy Suggestion: My suggestion is to add a new textdraw which shows a list of very common commands like /help, /commands, /report, /website, /forums, /settings, /teles, etc like this: check near RG textdraw down below
  6. I want to give this suggestion after staying on the server for almost an hour. Please add player limit restrictions on every team so that one team doesn't get full. I was on the server for almost an hour and guess what? Except me and John we had 15 other players and everyone was in grove team. After that half of them left because they had none to kill. I am suggesting 5 max on a team restriction until every other team is full. Admins and VIP's not included in this.
  7. Los Santos Airport is a place for planes to take off and land. I went there today and found it full with random stunt maps. Requesting matz to keep it clean please.
  8. Shop suggestion

    In-Game Name: Bituspy Suggestion: shop lock must be closed on default. It is annoying to allow the entry of all players inside the shops. Mostly it allows the entry inside the shop directly and it feels really pathetic. Please keep the lock closed on default. Suggestion to work on directly for matz.
  9. Remove the minigun

    Name: Bituspy My Suggestion: I am suggesting to remove the minigun feature from the server right now. It is stupid as hell and highly illogical to keep this weapon. I am suggesting to add grenades etc if they are not added already. But remove minigun. Adding a poll for this.
  10. My Suggestions

    Your in-game name: _RADEKB0Y Your suggestion title: Multiple suggestions Explain how it works: - Abillity to respawn / sell each and every personal car yourself with /managehouse and car slot menu (if someone messes the cars up, push them off the cliff) - Abillity to sell each and every house (same as above) - Abillity to spawn inside a captured turf from the spawn interior pickup (only base turfs are not possible) - Make /kill inside a vehicle impossible and make 5 secs cooldown for it - Settings to choose between house, spawn. - Money bag spawn in random zone for you to find it, reward could be 20.000$ or more - Custom Vehicle Bomb - Syncing vehicle detonators to actually kill other players instead of desynced explosion. - Weapon pickups randomly spawning in LS (weapons with some ammo in it, should be less effective than /shop) - Prevent /shop inside interiors that are not designed for it (only enable ammunation) This is just something I wanted to get out of my mind.