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A list of suggestions

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Here's a list of some stuff I already told Matz IG and some I didn't yet:


- Freeroam in a different virtual world. Players who have been banned will also be moved into this virtual world, and will always stay in that virtual world no matter what they do. (ex. Banned=1 in userfile would mean forced virtual world upon connect) 
Add vehicles and maybe some stunt ramps and what not in freeroam. 
Banned players would also be muted from the main chat and PM, but could use /report. 
Also /freeroam for normal players to jump through the worlds. (Forbidden from banned players, obviously) 

- Turf war icons on every close by turf actors hangout spot.

- Removal of all interior pickups excluding houses, spawn entrances, gun shops and businesses.

- Speaking of those, I think "business" should be "gun shop" and "shop" should be just "business" with editable name/description. 

- Ability to /sellhouse [house ID] to the server for half the price and /sellplayerhouse [ID] [Amount] to sell a house to a player. 

- Ability to sell your personal vehicle to the server for 250k with /sellcar or sell a car to a player /sellplayercar [ID] [Amount] 

- Removal of /shop from outside and revamping gun shop system (twice less than in server's /shop). 

- Re-design of RG coin (RGC) system into 1.2345 style, and setting 1 RGC's price to $1,000,000,000. 

- Controlled bank interest based on player's amount of money in bank. 1.0, 0.75, 0.5 and 0.25 at the following amounts: [1.0]>100,000 - 1,000,000 - 10,000,000 - 100,000,000 - 1,000,000,000<[0.0]

- Damage zone (2HP/sec) around every spawn turf, to make it really hard to capture another team's turf and making it more rewarding ($50,000 for every team member online). Also move the actor squad right on the spawn exit point. 

- Revamp of spawn ammo: deagle 50, shotguns 50, SMGs 150, ARs 200, Snipers 25 (same values for gun shop ammo amounts) 

- Armor or HP pickup on death with a random amount of HP/AP refill between 10 and 50.

- Full armor and HP pickups if the victim had 10+ killspree. 

- Minigun in shop with 500 rounds per item, costing the shop owner $5,000 per item. (All items in the menu should be bought with cash instead of RG coins) 

- Timer of 10 seconds on spawn to use server's /shop when you spawn for double the price gun shop owners pay per weapon. 

- Make /removeweapon and "H" destroy the selected weapon completely instead of dropping but drop upon death. 

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I would like to see a re-work on the RG coins.Right now they are useless.Make them valuable again ;)

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